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Classes that do not appear on the list are fully booked or cancelled.  Classes are 4 sessions over a month and the fee is $195. 


Our typical class times are as follows but are subject to change.

Beginning Wheel 1

- Monday 7-9P

- Tuesday 9-11A and 7-9P

- Thursday 9-11A and 7-9P

- Friday 7-9P

- Saturday 11A-1P and 3-5P

- Sunday 11A-1P

- Sunday 3-5P (Make-up Only)

Beginning Wheel 2

- Wednesday 7-9P

- Saturday 3-5P (If not a BW1 or       Advanced Class)

Beginning Handbuilding

- Tuesday 7-9P

- Thursday 7-9P

Please be aware of the location you are signing up for.

Info and Tips for Classes


Please read before taking your first class!

You must be 18 or over to sign up for the class.  14 and over are allowed with an accompanying adult member or student.

During your first class you will meet your instructor who will introduce you to our procedures and then start working with clay right away.  You will recieve 12.5 pounds of clay.  You will have to purchase any additional clay you use.  The first session focuses on centering and creating simple forms such as cylinders on the wheel. 

In the second session you will learn how to trim your piece(s) from the first session.  You will also continue throwing additional pieces.

In the third session you will learn additional throwing and trimming techniques.  PLEASE BE AWARE, this is the last day you are allowed to throw new pieces.  Any pieces thrown after this session will not be fired.

In the fourth session you will learn how to glaze your bisque pieces.  All your pieces should be ready to glaze on this day.

Practice times for students are from 9AM to 9PM daily.  Practice times are restricted to when there are no classes in session and only at the outside student wheel area.  Students are not allowed to practice inside the studio at member areas.  A schedule of practice times will be sent to students prior to the start of their class.


- Please arrive about 10 to 15 minutes early.

- Wear casual and comfortable clothes and shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Luckily the clay that we use comes out of fabric with a regular wash, but there are glazes and other materials that may not be as forgiving.

- If you have an apron please bring it in along with a towel.

- Trim your fingernails…. Long fingernails makes throwing on the wheel and shaping clay much more difficult. We want you to be able to work with ease and get the most out of class.

- Remove your jewelry. Rings, watches and bracelets will only get in the way when working with clay, so it’s best to leave them at home.

- If you have long hair, bring an elastic or hair tie to wear it up. This is crucial to avoid accidents on the wheel.

Covid Policy

- Masks are optional.

Cancellation Policy

1) No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations within 7 days of class start date.  No exceptions.

2) You may provide a substitute student to take your place within seven days of the class start date if you can no longer attend.  Please call or e-mail for approval.

3) We have make up sessions for Wheel 1 sessions on Sundays from 3-5PM available for online signup.  You must sign up online and it is not guaranteed that there will be availability.

4) We reserve the right to cancel a class if minimum enrollments of at least 50% capacity are not met.  Typically our classes have a maximum of 6 students.  Full refunds will be given in these events.

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